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Cannellini Beans - 5kg

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Cannellini Beans - 5kg
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Cannelini Beans

Cannellini beans are very popular in many types of Italian cuisine. A staple of minestrones, fagioli's, and salads, an 5kg economy bag of dried cannelleni beans make a gourmet addition to any pantry. (Cannellini beans are more easily harvested when dry, so fresh cannellini are rare.) Their low cost, long shelf life, and gastronomic versatility make dried cannelleni beans indispensable in any gourmet kitchen. Beans double in size when soaked, so a few beans go a long way in a dish.

Try adding cooked Cannellini beans to a risotto towards the end of the cooking time.

These beans are low-fat, high in fibre and provide a high quality of magnesium, fiber, iron and folate. They have twice as much iron as beef.

Cannelini beans are a good source of molybdenum. This is a trace mineral that helps the body produce detoxifying enzymes.

They are also rich in thiamine which is essential for high mental performance. They are high and fiber help cut cholesterol. The fibre in these beans binds to fat to help flush it from the body. It's also high in folate which helps lower levels of homocysteine, which clogs arteries.


Cannellini Beans Organically grown

Dietary Attributes

Typical Values Per 100g 
Energy (kcal)340
Protein (g)22
Carbohydrate (g)60
of which sugars (g)2
Fat (g)1.0
of which saturates (g)0
Fibre (g)34
Sodium (mg)0

Additional Information

As with most beans Canellini Beans are best soaked overnight before cooking.

So get some Cannellini Beans, turn the heating up and pretend you are in Tuscany.


Item price: £14.39 £12.95 10%

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