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Pesto (Basil) Sauce Vegetarian - 165g

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Pesto (Basil) Sauce Vegetarian - 165g
Brand: Zest

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Made with vegetarian cheese, fresh basil and pine nuts, this has all the authentic taste of normal pesto, but is both vegetarian and gluten-free. It's got a slightly coarser texture than most pestos, so it's like a home-made sauce but without all the hassle!

Ingredients -

Sunflower oil, basil (21%), Brazil nuts (16%), vegetarian cheddar cheese (15%), white wine vinegar, garlic puree, apple juice concentrate, sea salt, pine nuts (2%), cashew nuts, hazelnuts, black pepper, chilli

Dietary Attributes -

per 100g: Energy 1828kJ/443kcal, Protein 8.0g, Carbohydrate 4.4g of which sugars 3.4g, Fat 43.7g of which saturates 9.2g, Fibre 2.1g, Sodium 1.1g

More -

Contains nuts

gluten free

Item price: £2.89

6 for £15.60 £2.60 ea

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