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Tissues - 1box

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Tissues - 1box
Brand: Cottonsoft

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Cotton Soft Organic Tissues are made from pure organic cotton, a by product of organic cotton manufacture and are made without damaging the environment. Cotton is softer, less abrasive and more absorbent than normal paper, and absorb germs and bacteria faster. Cotton Soft tissues are ideal for use on sensitive skins, runny noses and for removing make-up. Cotton Soft is naturally biodegradable, contains no chemical pesticides, fertilisers or bleach.

Each box contains an average of 90 sheets, and is made from 100% organic cotton. Soft and very eco friendly!

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Ideal for sensitive skin, free of inks, dyes and perfumes.

* No chemical pesticides or fertilisers

* No bleach

* Free of inks, dyes and perfumes

* Ideal for sensitive skins

* Naturally biodegradable

* Safe for septic tanks

* No animal testing.

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Item price: £2.11

32 for £60.80 £1.90 ea

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