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Sunflower Oil - 500ml

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Sunflower Oil - 500ml
Brand: Emile Noel

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Organic Co-operative virgin Sunflower oil

Ingredients -

100% organic virgin sunflower oil from the first cold pressing.

Dietary Attributes -

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The sunflower (Hereianthus Annuus L.) belongs to the composite family (asteraces) and the genus helianthus. Originally from North America, sunflowers are now grown in Russia, Argentina, France, India, China... The seeds we use come exclusively from France and are grown according to organic farming methods, meaning no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used but, on the contrary, green fertilisers and crop rotation.

Production - Automated seed-cleaning and partial removal of the outer to improve the oil's flavour and reduce the acidity level. First cold pressing (T<60

Goes well with salads and raw vegetables.

Nutritional benefits - Virgin sunflower oil is very important to our diet because it contains a large percentage (65%) of linoleic acid. This fatty acid is said to be essential as humans cannot reproduce it. So we have to take it from our food. In our body, linoleic acid is transformed into a series of longer and more unsaturated fatty acids. The latter intervene in most of our bodily functions. They play a structural role at the heart of our cell membranes and are also the source of the biologically active prostaglandins that regulate the cell metabolism. Virgin sunflower oil is used in diets that aim to prevent cardiovascular diseases and lower ''bad cholesterol''. In addition, their rich, essential fatty acid content has a beneficial effect on the skin.

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Item price: £4.99

6 for £26.94 £4.49 ea

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