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Macadamia Nuts - 250g

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Macadamia Nuts - 250g
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Macadamias are sometimes described as the 'Queen of nuts' which is an accurate description for a nut that truly stands apart from the workaday.

Macadamias have got a soft crunchy buttery and waxy texture and a delicate, creamy taste. They're good for renewing energy, with the highest levels of mono-unsaturated fats of any nut, but no cholesterol and a very small amount of carbohydrate.

Macadamias are costly to grow, whether organic or non-organic; The trees take up to 15 years from planting to bear regularly and the nuts must be harvested by hand, as they mature at differing rates. They can't be cracked by hand, instead requiring pricey mechanical equipment. And then, there are the usual shipping costs as they come from about as far away from the UK as you can get.


Organic Macadamias

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Suggested Use

As a treat, however, they can not be beat! If you are new to macadamias, here are a few ideas of how to use them (assuming you don't simply nibble your way through the bag as it is).

Chop them up and add them to cookies with white or dark chocolate chips.

Dip them in chocolate sauce and either eat them as they are, or freeze them, to make an interesting dessert/snack.

Grind them and use instead of flour for a gluten-free chocolate brownie or bun.

Roast and spice them with sugar and honey, lime or lemon juice and whatever spices you fancy.

Fry them with cumin and other spices and sprinkle over a salad.

Try adding them to dishes containing coconut and fish (perhaps together, for example a coconutty fish curry with macadamias would work very well).


Item price: £10.32

6 for £55.74 £9.29 ea

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