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Hazelnuts Whole Roast - with brown skins on - 15kg

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Hazelnuts Whole Roast - with brown skins on - 15kg
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Organic Blanched Hazelnuts

This is a bulk box of blanched (roasted) Hazels which is great for caterers and small producers.They are crisp, delicious and great value. You can make these into a hazelnut flour by putting them into a food processor for a few minutes. If you leave them a little longer then you have hazelnut butter!

Organic hazel nuts are really very good for you, rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids,high in manganese and with unusually good levels of folate (100g of hazels have 28% of your daily recommended intake, but watch out for the calories!) They contain many minerals, vitamin A,E and B vitamins including B6. They are considered to be 'heart healthy' but I'm not sure the claims that they help you lose weight are to be believed. As ever eating a wide variety of top quality foods gives the best nutrition!

Hazels, sometimes called Filberts or cob nuts, seem to have an affinity for chocolate and biscuits ( or is that just me?) Roasted or plain, chopped or whole they go very well in sweet baking. Have you tried making your own 'Nutella' chocolate spread? Click here to see the recipe.


Organically grown hazelnuts

Dietary Attributes

Typical Values Per 100g 
Energy (Kj)2629
Energy (kcal)629
Protein (g)14
Carbohydrate (g)17
of which sugars (g)3
Fat (g)61
of which saturates (g)5
Fibre (g)11
Sodium (mg)0

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Item price: £332.99 £299.69 10%

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