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Chestnut Puree Unsweetened - 300g

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Chestnut Puree Unsweetened - 300g
Brand: Organic Collection

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Unsweetened Chestnut Puree

Organic, unsweetened puree made from premium chestnuts from the Ardeche - the most famous chestnut-growing area in Europe. Chestnut puree has a variety of culinary uses, both sweet and savoury. A delicious, luxurious product!

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Chestnuts (70%), water

Additional Information

Several different chestnut varieties are used to make this puree. They are cooked whole on a fire, with their outer skins removed by hand. The chestnuts are then placed in boiling water, with the inner skins removed with jet sprays. This essentially artisanal process aims to preserve nutritional values and taste.


Item price: £4.10

6 for £22.14 £3.69 ea

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