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Almonds Whole Blanched - 2.5kg

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Almonds Whole Blanched - 2.5kg
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Also available: 10kg

These organic Blanched Almonds are a sweet almond from Spain and are used primarily for cake decoration; however, the mild flavour is also the perfect compliment to vibrant Asian flavours. Whole almonds that have been blanched (dipped in boiling water) and the skins removed, are extremely convenient to use. Blanched almonds are traditionally used on the top of Dundee cakes.

This is an economy bag of Whole blanched Almonds and are great for making Almond milk, and for use in baking where you want a fresh appearance. This size bag saves you money and normally keeps well for up to 9 months.

There is also a 10kg available as well as the smaller retail 125g and 250g packs.

Dietary Attributes

Per 100g

Energy 612 calories Protein 21.1g Carbohydrates 6.9g of which sugars 4.2g Fat 55.8g of which saturates 4.7g Fibre 7.4g Sodium, Trace.


Almonds are rich in dietary fibre and vitamins B and E. They are a great source of manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium, and are also high in mono-unsaturated fat.

Try toasting, finely chopping and adding to a ginger-shrimp saute or adding toasted to Chinese Vegetable stir fry dishes. Produce of Spain


Item price: £53.92 £48.53 10%

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