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In this section of our site, we list all the products that most people consider to be nuts for culinary use. This definition does not tally completely with the botantical definition of a nut. For example, it includes peanuts, which are not really a nut, but a legume.

From the botanical point of view, wikipedia defines a nut as 'a fruit composed of a hard shell and a seed, which is generally edible. In botany, there is an additional requirement that the shell does not open to release the seed.' 

Nut guide

You might think of nuts as nature's way of showing us that good things come in small packages! Nuts are generally bite-sized nutritional powerhouses, packed with heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

As with most things, you can get too much of a good thing. Nuts are high in fat and calories, so while a handful is great, a few more handfuls may add a few too many calories to your daily intake. And, while nuts by themselves are a healthy choice, it is probably best to consider salted nuts, or nuts coated in chocolate, as a treat, rather than an everyday part of your diet.


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Hints for nut use


Nut recipes

Below, you'll find some nut recipes to try. Don't forget, nuts make a great topping for a sweet. Many also stir-fry well, aiding healthy eating.


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Almonds Ground - Blanched - 250g

Item price: £3.43

5 for £15.45 £3.09 ea

Almonds Roasted and Salted - 100g

Item price: £1.74

5 for £7.85 £1.57 ea

Hazels Whole Roasted - (blanched) - 125g

Item price: £2.20

5 for £9.90 £1.98 ea

Roasted and Salted Cashews - 250g

Item price: £4.63

5 for £20.85 £4.17 ea

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