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Chestnuts Peeled Roasted - 80g

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Chestnuts Peeled Roasted - 80g
Brand: International favour

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These chestnuts are ready to eat and perfect for a quick energy-boosting snack. Cholesterol-free and 100% natural, they also work well in recipes calling for this nut, such as stir-fries.



Dietary Attributes

- (Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 230kcal PROTEIN 5g CARBOHYDRATE 40g (of which sugars: 11g) FAT 1.5g (of which saturates: 0g) FIBRE 4g


Chestnuts are quite unlike other nuts, with a high starch and water content (rather like a vegetable), but low protein and fat levels. They have been nicknamed the grain that grows on a tree.

Item price: £1.29

12 for £13.92 £1.16 ea

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