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Almonds Whole Blanched - 5kg

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Almonds Whole Blanched - 5kg
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Blanched almonds (almonds that have been dipped in boiling water to remove their skins) are extremely convenient for the cook. Theyre useful in baking and cake-decorating, and, when toasted, can be tossed into sauts and stir-fries.


Blanched almonds

Dietary Attributes

- (Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 623kcal/2584kJ PROTEIN 21g CARBOHYDRATE 20g (of which sugars: 4.8g) FAT 51g (of which saturates: 3.9g) SODIUM 0.02g


Almonds are rich in dietary fibre and vitamins B and E. They are a great source of manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium, and are also high in mono-unsaturated fat.

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Item price: £52.49 £47.24 10%

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