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Rainforest Nut Butter raw - 170g

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Rainforest Nut Butter raw - 170g
Brand: Carleys

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Cool milled below 44C from Cashews, raw macadamias, raw brazils, no added oil, no added salt.- no peanuts!

Ingredients -

Dietary Attributes -


no added sugar

very little added salt (0.2%)

can be stored without refrigeration until they are opened


More -

The cashews they use are from a fair trade project in Burkina Faso. They are shelled using a fan assisted solar machine which operates at not over 60C . They have yet to find really raw organic cashews. The process of hand shelling is very unpleasant due to the acrid Cashew Nut Shell Oil (CNSO) which affects the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract. So they prefer to use the nuts from the project in Burkina Faso.

organic gluten free

Item price: £5.94

6 for £32.10 £5.35 ea

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