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Nut Butters

Nut Butters


At Naturally Good Food we recognise the vital part that nut butters play in many people's sports nutrition programmes.

In this nut butter section you will (we hope) find nut butters at a really competitive price, fulfilling our goal of:

  • Offering a complete range of natural nut butters, made from just nuts alone (with perhaps a pinch of salt).
  • Providing nut butters of every conceivable variety - from almond to walnut butter, and everything inbetween.
  • Offering a large choice of sizes: for those who use a lot of nut butters, we have sourced a range of larger sizes, which offer a substantial saving over the more conventional sizes.

Don't forget: if you buy a case, then you will get our 10% case discount. This section also includes other spreads you may be interested in, including seed butters (again with our standard 10% case discount). We also have yeast extract for making rice cakes.

If there are any butters you would like, but can't find on our list, let us know


Nut butter producers

We stock products from some great nut butter producers, including:

  • Carleys - Carley’s of Cornwall Ltd is a manufacturing company 100% dedicated to making a range of lovely organic foods. Carley’s started manufacturing because they wanted to produce a range of interesting and distinctive organic products, initially just to sell in their own shop. At Naturally Good Food we stock the complete range of nut and seed butters that Carley's produce; there are also a number of raw products in their range.
  • Meridian - established in the hills of North Wales in 1974, Meridian have always been supporters of the organic and environmental movements. Their mission is to produce healthy foods that are convenient to use and offer excellent value for money. They are prepared using a small-scale, batch process, which preserves the true taste of the wholly natural ingredients. Meridian's extensive range, which includes fruit spreads, fruit juices, pasta and pasta sauces, nut butters, dressings and oils, are all free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. At Naturally Good Food we stock the larger tubs of nut butters that Meridian produce.
  • Monki - at Naturally Good Food we are pleased to continue to stock Monki nut butters, imported from the Netherlands. This range is very popular across the whole of Europe.
  • Sunita -  as with Meridian, we have a couple of tubs in the Sunita range. In particular, we offer a selection of tahini from Sunita - ground sesame paste, which makes a real change from nut butters. If you're allergic to nuts, tahini makes a great alternative spread or smoothie.
  • Whole Earth - Whole Earth was founded in 1967 by Craig Sams and his brother Gregory. It aims to bring natural foods to consumers, to be 'better for body and planet'. Whole Earth began as 'a little company with some big ideas', offering more natural, healthier food.


In addition to these,  we stock other brands: to search our range by brand, use the filter below.

Raw butters

Raw nut butters

For some of our customers, especially those involved in more competitive sports, eating raw ingredients is important. To cater for these needs, we list a range of raw nut butters and seed spreads.

Large size

Nut butters in larger sizes

In addition to our standard sized nut butters, some of our range is available in large sizes (large nut butters). These larger sized nut butters are just the same as those in the smaller size, but offer a more economical way to purchase this product.



Buying in a larger tub can represent a 50% saving, even taking into account our standard 10% case discount.


Nut butter recipes for natural sports nutrition

Below you will find nut butter recipes for natural sports nutrition.


News on sports nutrition from Naturally Good Food

On this page you will find all the news about sports nutrition, good exercising and good nutrition from Naturally Good Food.


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Maca Almond Tiger Nut Butter - Smooth - while stocks last - 250g

Maca Almond Tiger Nut Butter - Smooth - while stocks last - 250g


organic gluten free dairy free

Item price: £6.99

6 for £37.74 £6.29 ea

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