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Ramen Noodles Chilli Miso Brown Rice - 80g

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Ramen Noodles Chilli Miso Brown Rice - 80g
Brand: King Soba

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organic ramen noodles have been carefully made from buckwheat flour which has a high content of protein and fibre and is suitable for a wheat free diet. Edamame Miso Ramen contains an individual serving of quick cook organic buckwheat noodles with organic miso and tasty edamame beans (green soya beans) and other vegetables. One pack makes a wholesome and substantial bowl of noodles any time of day, even for breakfast!

Ingredients -

*brown rice ramen noodles 80% (*brown rice flour, water), *red miso 18% (*soya beans,*rice culture: aspergillus oryzae), *tamari (*soya beans), salt, *shallots, *spring onions, *chilli (less than 1%) *denotes organically grown ingredients

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Item price: £1.80

10 for £16.20 £1.62 ea

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