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Pumpkin Ginger Brown Rice Noodles - 250g

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Pumpkin Ginger Brown Rice Noodles - 250g
Brand: King Soba

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Organic Pumpkin, Ginger & Brown Rice Noodles (250g)

Rich in potassium, low in calories and loaded with beta-carotene (an important antioxidant), pumpkin is a delicious, healthy and versatile vegetable. Blended with health-giving ginger and wholesome, nutty brown rice, these wheat and gluten free noodles are delicious hot or cold and ideal for special diets.

Ingredients -

Organic brown rice, organic pumpkin (5%), organic ginger.

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organic gluten free dairy free

Item price: £2.24

12 for £24.24 £2.02 ea

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