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Vanilla Extract - 1lt

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Vanilla Extract - 1lt
Brand: Nielsen Massey

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Nielsen-Massey Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanillla Extract is made from the highest quality certified organic vanilla beans and pure, certified organic alcohol.

This is the catering size; it also comes in 60ml and 112ml bottles.

As in the production of Nielsen-Massey's traditional Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, this organic product uses their unique cold extraction process. This time-consuming procedure slowly and gently extracts the maximum flavor from the vanilla beans without heat damaging the delicate flavors. The process can take up to five weeks to complete. The result is an organic vanilla extract with the creamy, sweet, smooth, mellow vanilla flavor that customers worldwide have come to associate with Nielsen-Massey's premium products.

Organic vanilla is ideal in any application that you would use vanilla extract, whether it is bread, cookies, or creme brulee, it's the same high quality vanilla taste!

Ingredients -

100% organic: water, alcohol, vanilla bean extractives

Dietary Attributes -

Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Extract is made using 100% corn alcohol and the pure vanilla powder is made using maltodextrin, a modified corn starch. All Nielsen-Massey products are gluten free.

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Item price: £143.26

4 for £515.72 £128.93 ea

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