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Pure Coffee Extract - 59ml

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Pure Coffee Extract - 59ml
Brand: Nielsen Massey

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Nielsen Massey's Pure Coffee Extract is the essence of rich brewed coffee in a concentrated form that allows the cook to deliver the nuances of coffee without having to brew a pot. Use it to add subtle richness to a vanilla milkshake or hot chocolate. Add it to hot fudge sauce as a topping for ice cream, add it to vanilla yogurt, or blend it into whipped cream to go with brownies or pound cake. It's also a great addition to molten chocolate cakes, tiramisu, or molasses cookies.

-Fine quality natural coffee flavour.

-For use in puddings, cakes, icing and sweets.

-Adds rich coffee flavour.

-Made from Arabica coffee.

Ingredients -

Water, Alcohol (35%), Coffee Extract.

Dietary Attributes -

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Item price: £4.25

8 for £30.64 £3.83 ea

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