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Pure Chocolate Essence - 59ml

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Pure Chocolate Essence - 59ml
Brand: Nielsen Massey


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Pure Chocolate Extract offers a rich and smooth chocolate flavor, without sweetness. It pairs well with other favorites such as vanilla, almonds, cinnamon, coffee, nuts, raspberries, maple, mint, coconut, cream cherries and bananas. Add a whisper of chocolate to a wide variety of foods from cakes, cookies and icings, to coffee, custards and puddings.

- Fine quality natural chocolate flavour.

- For use in puddings, cakes, icing and sweets.

- Adds a rich chocolatey flavour.

- No added sugar or sweetener.

Ingredients -

water, alcohol(37%), cocoa extract (7%)

Dietary Attributes -

More -

use with low fat yogurt to make a chocolate mouse

Item price: £4.25

8 for £30.56 £3.82 ea

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