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Miso is both a food and a seasoning - fermented soya with additional grains, combined to make this traditional Japanese food. It usually comes as a paste, ready to spoon out into your cooking.


Miso: an introduction

Miso Soups

Miso soups

Cooking with Miso

Cooking with miso


Due to the strong taste of miso, the key is not to overpower dishes, but to integrate miso in a gentle balance with other ingredients.

Dark and light misos have different cooking properties and you should consider which suits the type of dish you are cooking:

  • Dark, long-aged misos combine well with beans, gravies, baked dishes and hearty vegetable stews and soups.
  • Sweet white miso has a lighter colour and creamy taste and makes an excellent substitute for dips, dressings, sauces and spreads.


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Miso Sweet White - 250g

Miso Sweet White - 250g


organic gluten free dairy free

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