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Milk: non-dairy


If you are primarily interested in soya milks, then click here. If you want dried milk, click here.


In this section you will find:

  • almond milk
  • coconut milk
  • hemp milk
  • soya milk
  • quinoa milk

We are always on the lookout for other non-dairy milk options, so keep an eye on our website.


Non-dairy milk brands stocked


Non-dairy milk news from Naturally Good Food


Please find below a few news lines we have collected about non-dairy milk.


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Oat Drink Barista Edition - Foamable - 1lt

Item price: £2.28

6 for £12.30 £2.05 ea

Oat Milk  Classic - 1lt

Oat Milk Classic - 1lt


organic dairy free

Item price: £1.89

6 for £10.20 £1.70 ea

Oat Milk Chocolate - 1lt

Oat Milk Chocolate - 1lt


dairy free

Item price: £2.21

6 for £11.94 £1.99 ea

Oat Milk with Calcium Classic - 1lt

Item price: £1.69

6 for £9.12 £1.52 ea

Oatly Cream - Non Dairy oat milk Cream - 250ml

Item price: £1.11

18 for £18.00 £1.00 ea

Sale - Oat Milk Chocolate - BB 25.10.19 - 1lt

Item price: £2.21 £0.88 60%

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