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Fabric Conditioner - 5lt

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Fabric Conditioner - 5lt
Brand: Ecoleaf

Item price: £10.40

Code: 069.6017
Barcode: 5017601031611

Gentle yet effective, Ecoleaf Fabric Conditioner is a natural and environmentally friendly softener, derived from plant extracts and based on biodegradable, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Vegan friendly and brought to you in recyclable bottles, Ecoleaf Fabric Conditioner is guaranteed non-toxic and totally chemical free, keeping your clothes beautifully and naturally soft, and your conscience squeaky clean.


Water >30%, Plant derived cationic surfactants >5%: contains natural fragrance and preservative.


Buy the 5 litre size and save the plant and your purse.

Item price: £10.40

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