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Tall Kitchen Bags- 49lt capacity - Compostable 61 cm high - 12 bags

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Tall Kitchen Bags- 49lt capacity - Compostable 61 cm high - 12 bags
Brand: If you Care

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12 for £53.88 £4.49 ea

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Compostable Tall Kitchen bags

A recyclable box with 12 pale green biodegradable bags that are just the right size for your kitchen waste bin up to 60 cms in height. They are 49 litres capacity with 4 long flaps to make a closing handle to tie it all up neatly to take out. With no plasticizers or polyethelyne, these bags are made with potato starch, non GMO of course, with a fully compostable polymer.

If You Care Compostable Bags are stronger than bags made from corn starch. The potato starch used to make these bags come from starch potatoes, which are not grown for food but only for starch production. These potatoes are too high in starch to be good for food. Therefore, there is no diversion from food supplies. To produce the same amount of starch from these potatoes as from corn requires 40% less land. These potatoes require no irrigation, and need only normal rainfall. Corn requires much more water. If You Care Food Waste Bags are for food waste only. They are perfect for kitchen compost pails. Line compost pails with bags to collect food scraps and food waste. Bags along with food scraps can be composted in municipal or commercial compost facilities.

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Approximately 80 million tons of waste (U.S. EPA figures) which goes to landfill annually in the US is material which under the right conditions, can be turned into compost, including food scraps, yard trimmings and non-recyclable paper. In a landfill environment, this trapped organic material (leaves, grass etc.) releases methane gas a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. Diverting food scraps and yard trimmings from landfill to compost facilities either municipal or commercial in areas where available contributes significantly to preserving our planet and natural resources. If You Care Compostable Trash Bags are completely polyethylene free and do not contain plasticizers.

Item price: £4.99

12 for £53.88 £4.49 ea

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