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Baking Parchment Unbleached - 65ft

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Baking Parchment Unbleached - 65ft
Brand: If you Care


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Baking Parchment

These premium quality FSC certified unbleached, greaseproof papers are perfect for a wide variety of baking and cooking needs. While some baking papers are coated with Quilon, which contains heavy metals like chromium that can be toxic when incinerated, If You Care Parchment Paper uses Silicone, derived from a natural element. It is a much more expensive process, but one we feel is worth it for everyone. But perhaps most importantly, our baking papers use no chlorine in their production. And that means no chlorine is dumped into our lakes and streams.

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This is a product for the environmentally aware cook - three sizes min, large and jumbo

Item price: £4.20

12 for £45.36 £3.78 ea

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