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Life expectancy in Japan is extremely high, and the elderly there remain both active and mentally alert. Much of this long life expectancy is due to diet - although there are also life style choices involved. When someone retires from a busy lifetime of hectic overtime work in Japan, they don’t settle into their easy chairs and watch TV. Retirees in Japan stay active: many of them continue working by choice and not through economic necessity.

At Naturally Good Food we can’t do much about the life choices you make, but we can offer you the healthy Japanese diet by mail order. 

Intro and Brands

At Naturally Good Food we offer:

Recipes, try these simple recipes to start

  • Many soya options, including the miso staples
  • Sea vegetables
  • Japanese seasonings

Japanese brands stocked at Naturally Good Food

We stock Japanese food from the following brands:

  • Biona - from Biona, a long-established organic food supplier, we stock some tofu products
  • Clearspring - a long established importer of Japanease food into the UK
  • Cornish Seaweed Co - a Cornish company that supplies a number of sea vegetables, harvested around Cornwall.
  • King Soba - great noodle options with some very quick soup products
  • Marigold
  • Miso Tasty - Miso Tasty is the UK’s first dedicated miso brand. Its miso is authentically Japanese, produced in small batches and fermented by craftsmen using snowmelt from the central Japanese alps.
  • Sanchi - Japanese food from the same company that brings you Crazy Jack Orgranic products
  • Terrasma
Other products Hints and Tips

Other products

In addition to the specific products labelled as Japanese foods, there are others in different sections of our site that are not specifically classified as Japanese, but which are a part of that country's cuisine. For example, we also list:

Some hints and tips on Japanese food and diet


Below are some hints and tips we have come across on Japanese food and diet.



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