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Introduction to the Green House


Caring for our immediate environment is a priority for us and for many of our customers. As individuals, it is difficult to influence larger decisions about the environment, but we can certainly do things at a micro-level. The products in our Household Goods section have been selected so that we all can do 'what we can'.

In our Household Goods section you will find products that:

  • are in larger sizes: this saves you money and cuts down on packaging
  • clean without chemicals
  • if they contain chemicals, use the least toxic effective alternative.


Adopting the 'Green House' principles will cut down on the chemicals in your immediate environment. It will also save money and contribute to a greener environment for future generations. 

Buy big and refill: it's good for the environment


Almost all household goods come with a very long shelf-life, if they have an end-date at all. There is no need to worry about your washing-up liquid going off!


This 5-litre carton of fabric conditioner from Ecover demonstrates the advantages of bulk-buying:

  • it comes with minimal packaging
  • it's cheaper than the equivalent volume purchased in litre bottles
  • you need never run out
  • you can use it refill your original bottle, meaning that that bottle never goes to landfill.


When we had a shop, refills were one of our bestselling lines. One year, we calculated that, for our small local town, our refill service saved - in terms of plastic weight - the equivalent of between four and five plastic bags per household.

Work with your neighbours and friends: buy a bulk box and share the contents between you.

Less toxic chemicals

At Naturally Good Food we stock all major eco-friendly household products, each of which has their own benefits. On our site you will find:

  • Bio-D - BioD believe that it's possible to have effective, natural and safe cleaning products that don't cost the earth. To prove it, they have developed a range of natural, biodegradable household products that are ethically sound, safe to use and have minimal environmental impact on our planet.
  • EcoLeaf - The Suma Ecoleaf brand offers a unique range of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic and safe for use around the house. The Ecoleaf range is derived from plant extracts and based on biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients.
  • Ecover - Ecover is the world's largest producer of ecological detergents and eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products. At Naturally Good Food we stock many Ecover products in larger sizes, thus minimising packaging.
  • Faith in Nature - Faith in Nature was founded by Rivka Rose over 30 years ago, with a clear mission to produce skin and hair care products from naturally derived sources, with no synthetic additives, which damage neither the user nor the environment.

Don't overclean

There is an important distinction to be made between hygiene and cleaning. Hygiene is about avoiding infection and preventing the spread of infection to others - it isn't about being dirt-free and living in a bacterially sterile environment. Much research shows that we need the dirt and grime in our lives (and especially, in our children's lives), to build up our own natural immunity.

There is a need to concentrate on hygiene where it really matters, in areas such as food preparation, after using the toilet, after sneezing, and when someone's ill with an infection.

Our practice

In our business, we want to adopt the highest ecological standards we can, while also maintaining high standards of hygiene. Having approached this in a logical and focused way, we have been able to:

  • adopt high standards of hygiene
  • maintain a minimal use of chemicals
  • reduce our carbon footprint to near zero.


Food hygiene

At Naturally Good Food we need to comply with both national Food Hygiene regulations (for which we have the highest rating) and the Soil Association cleaning standards, which are fairly strict as to which chemicals we can use.

As you can imagine, these two standards can be in conflict at times. We have had to develop a process that satisfies both parties and that can be easily implemented from a business perspective.

Our premises

As a business we have as near to a zero carbon footprint as we can achieve:

  • we have a ground-source heat-pump for our heating
  • we have solar panels that provide all our electrical needs (indeed, the panels constantly feed our surplus electricity into the grid). The solar panels also provide the power for our ground-source heat-pump and our air-conditioning units (which have the highest energy rating available)
  • The on-site bio-digester deals with all the waste from the building.

When you buy from Naturally Good Food, you are reducing the carbon footprint of your purchasing - and supporting a green company!

Household news

In this section you will find blogs on our household products.



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