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Coconut Bowl Original - 13cm

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Coconut Bowl Original - 13cm
Brand: Coconut Bowls

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Coconut Bowls are a must have eco friendly addition to your kitchen. Made from real coconuts discarded as waste, when you eat out of these bowls, you are transported to a tropical paradise. Perfect for anything from smoothie bowls to salads to stir-fry's, everything looks and tastes better out of a Coconut Bowl. The original Coconut Bowl is sanded smooth on the inside and out.


Coconut Bowls are an eco-friendly product of nature. Of the billions of coconuts harvested each year for the coconut oil, water and flesh industries, 99.9 percent of coconut shells are discarded & burned as waste.

Coconut Bowls reclaim these coconuts from plantations after the meat and water have been extracted. These coconut shells are then hand-crafted by their workshop team who cut, clean and sand them into beautiful bowls that you can eat from. Each bowl is finished with an organic, virgin coconut oil polish. All our products are FDA approved food safe. They are reusable and with the appropriate care, can last a lifetime.

Additional Information

Each coconut shell is aged 10 months or older. This ensures a hard and strong shell. Each coconut bowl has a diameter of 12-14cm and a depth of 6cm. Each coconut bowl must balance flat on a surface. Every coconut bowl is 100% unique with its own shape, size, colour and pattern.

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Item price: £9.95

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