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It's not just Pooh Bear that loves honey - we also have many honey lovers at Naturally Good Food! You can find:


All the honey we stock is organic. We don't stock UK honey as we can't be certain that the bees are foraging only on organic land.

If you are looking at honey, you might also be interested in some pollen products as a supplement.


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Clover Honey Clear - 340g

Item price: £11.10

6 for £59.94 £9.99 ea

Clover Honey Set - 340g

Item price: £10.99

6 for £59.34 £9.89 ea

Honey Pure Blended - 340g

Item price: £5.19

6 for £28.02 £4.67 ea

Honey Pure Blossom Clear - 3kg

Item price: £37.85

Honey Pure Forest Clear - 340g

Item price: £6.19

6 for £33.42 £5.57 ea

Manuka Honey NPA 10+ - - while stocks last - 230g

Item price: £27.87

Pollen Granules - 110g

Pollen Granules - 110g


organic dairy free

Item price: £6.45

Vitacomplex Honey - 230g

Item price: £6.29

At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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