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Vanilla Pods - 500g

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Vanilla Pods - 500g
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Organic Whole Vanilla Pods in bulk

Whole vanilla pods(sometimes referred to as beans) Ready to use in a catering size bulk bag - it's hard to count these but there are around 160 - 250 pods per bag depending on size. You simply need to use a sharp knife to carefully split the pod open and then scrape out and use the seed paste, sometimes refered to as vanilla caviar!

One pods-worth of paste is roughly equivalent to 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.

Famously, certain celebrity chefs keep a vanilla pod in a jar of caster sugar, to infuse it with a wonderful vanilla-y scent, and use that for baking, (or even in your coffee).You can also add the pods to custard or cream, or stick one in a milky pudding, to give an amazing flavour to that. Some people prefer to split the pods and scrape out the seeds (there are thousands of them!), adding these directly to custard, ice-cream or chocolate. If they can see little black dots in your pudding, your customers/guests will know that you have used the best type of vanilla available However you use them, to keep their flavour, you should store them in an air-tight container, where they will last for years.

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Vanilla Planifolia - Organically grown

Additional Information

The pods are the seed pods, containing the seeds from a type of climbing orchid, which has to be laboriously pollinated by hand. The pods, which are originally green, are dried in the sun, then sweated in cloth to reach the perfect balance of sugar and flavour, before being dried further over the course of several weeks. The end-product of this process is a wrinkly but soft dark-brown pod not cheap, but worth every penny.

As in certain other areas of life, length is a good indicator of quality in a vanilla pod! It should also be nice and supple, despite the wrinkles.

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Item price: £136.00

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