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Crazy Jack Flaked Almonds are a versatile ingredient, ideal for use in cakes especially as a topping, biscuits,a crunchy addition to flapjack and in salads and vegetable dishes. They can also be used as a crumb coating for fish and chicken.

Ingredients -

Almonds* *Organically grown and processed


- (Typical values per 100g)

ENERGY 623kcal / 2584kJ PROTEIN 22g CARBOHYDRATE 19g Of which sugars 4.9g FAT 51g of which saturates 3.9g FIBRE 10g SODIUM Less than 0.02g

Use - Lightly roast a tablespoon of Crazy Jack almond flakes in a dry shallow pan and sprinkle them over ice cream or steamed trout!! An unusually good combination (but not at the same time)

This small pack ensures that your flaked almonds stay fresh until needed.

Item price: £0.00

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