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Green Tea Sencha - 20 bags

Green Teas - Drinks

Green Tea Sencha - 20 bags
Brand: Clearspring

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Organic Japanese Sencha Tea Bags

This light and refreshing tea is prepared in Kyoto from the season's first tender young leaves harvested at their peak of flavour in late spring. The leaves are briefly steam, rolled and cooled by the special Japanese Sencha process. Then immediately packed to seal in their fresh taste and aroma.

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Organically grown green leaf tea.

Additional Information

Current research indicates that drinking green tea may help to prevent heart disease and strokes, regulate blood sugar, lower blood pressure, facilitate weight loss and fight viral colds and flu. Sencha contains vitamin C and six times the antioxidant levels of black tea.


Item price: £3.89

6 for £21.00 £3.50 ea

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