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Barley Pearl - 500g

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Barley Pearl - 500g
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Pearl barley is whole barley that has had the outer bran removed. By removing the outer bran, pearl barley cooks slightly quicker than pot barley as it does not require pre-soaking. This makes it ideal for adding to soups and stews. Pearl barley is high in fibre, though not as high as pot barley. However, some people may find the extra fibre in pot barley difficult to digest efficiently, making this pearl barley a more preferable choice.

500g of Pearl Barley is enough to get you started on enjoying the delights of this warming grain, but you may find out it is not enough, but don't worry next time you can get the 5kg bag.

Ingredients -

Organic Pearl Barley

Dietary Attributes -

Typical Values Per 100g Energy 311 calories Protein 10g Carbohydrates 57g _of which sugars 1g Fat 1.8g _of which saturates 0g Fibre 4g Sodium 0g

More -

Pearl barley is a filling grain that makes soup or stew thicker, chunkier and simply more satisfying. It is also possible to grind the barley into flour if desired, to make breads and chunky cakes and biscuits. To cook, add grains to water or a simmering broth, stock or stew and cook for 30-40 minutes. It does not require any pre-soaking. When pearl barley has cooked, it should have a semi-translucent "pearly" colour and will be soft

Hulled barley and hulless barley would both be considered whole grain barley, and both make good choices from a nutritional standpoint. Pearl barley takes the processing procedure one step further. With pearl barley, not only has the hull been removed, but the remaining grain has also been polished or "pearled" to some degree.

organic dairy free

Item price: £1.35

12 for £14.64 £1.22 ea

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