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Gluten-free treats for children


In this section you will find lots of treats for children, including:

  • gluten-free sweets
  • gluten-free jelly and gluten-free mousse
  • gluten-free breakfast cereals
  • gluten-free pasta in animal shapes
  • gluten-free biscuits


If you are baking, you may like to look at our gluten-free cake mix section - or you can carry out a search in our main gluten-free section.


Gluten-free children's food brands

We stock a wide range of gluten-free brands that have products specifically designed for children. Among the major brands are:

  • Orgran: Orgran have developed a range of gluten-free food for children. They offer a variety of treats and lunch-box snacks, designed to taste great and to reassure parents that the products also offer nutritional benefits. Added fibre, non-dairy calcium and complex carbohydrates are some of the features of the products in the range. The Orgran kids' range is nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. And don't forget other Orgran products, such as cake, pancake and muffin mixes, when you are looking for a gluten-free party treat.
  • Natures Path/Envirokids: gluten-free cereals for children, which are also organic.
  • Hale and Hearty: an organic and gluten-free range of food, with some great products for children. Hale and Hearty also have a range of gluten-free cake mixes.
  • Just Wholefoods: some great jellies and some really fruity sweets. The sweets are fantastic for leaving a tangy fruity taste in your mouth!
  • Barkat: for gluten-free ice-cream cones, which are not that easy to find!

Children's gluten-free food news

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Munch - was Gorilla Munch - 284g

Munch - was Gorilla Munch - 284g

Natures Path

organic gluten free

Item price: £3.89

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