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Gluten-free catering ingredients

A long time ago, we started off supplying gluten-free ingredients for our many coeliac customers. They wanted both the basic ingredients to make their own recipes and also pre-prepared gluten-free food.

Some of our customers were adventurous in their gluten-free cooking, and required larger and larger amounts; this naturally brought us into retailing large quantities. We now supply a range of gluten-free ingredients to a wide variety of producers.

Some of our longstanding customers have children with multiple allergies, so we are accustomed to dealing with problematic diets! Indeed, we can often suggest an alternative ingredient if one does not fit the allergy profile you are cooking for. In addition, as we sell in a great range of sizes, our service may suit a company experimenting with a variety of gluten-free ingredients.

From a background of supplying retail customers, we have come to understand what they want, and have applied these lessons to dealing with our gluten-free catering customers. We like to think that perhaps we understand what you want, because you want what is best for your customer. In addition, we also appreciate some of the problems experienced by all retailers: out of stocks, late delivery, we've had them all! As we've been there ourselves, we know what you can go through trying to get a reliable source of gluten-free food to fuel your business.

Gluten-free artisan producers/pubs/cafes/coffee houses

As you would expect, we supply a great variety of companies, from one-man (or woman) bands, to some relatively large firms. We supply businesses ranging from high street coffee houses, to factory facilities, and almost everything inbetween, including the odd bit of festival catering.

We seem to have seen most types of food producers over the years. The major thing they all have in common is a need for:

  • Delivery on time
  • Good communication and no surprises
  • Quality ingredients in the size they want
  • Convenience: a one-stop shop for what they want, if possible
  • A reliable source of specialist niche food lines.


If you think we can help you, but you can't see the lines you need on our website, let us know. We are always happy to talk: tel. 02476 514990.

Range of gluten-free flour in 25kg sacks

One of the problems that you can experience as a small-scale gluten-free food producer is that you might need a 25kg sack of one ingredient, but only 1kg or 2kg of another. At Naturally Good Food we are able to deal with this problem, as we stock all sorts of sizes of gluten-free ingredients, allowing you to buy the size that best suits your business.

Why not buy a small quantity to start with, get the recipe right, and then purchase in bulk? We can supply you at all steps of the gluten-free product development stage.

Some magic bullets for 'free from' catering

One major gluten-free ingredient you might like to look at is Orgran's Gluten-Free Gluten (GfG). Orgran's GfG is a revolutionary product that gives gluten-free flours greater workability and versatility. Essentially, this product provides structure, by mimicking the physical protein found in wheat, giving your flours similar consistencies and characteristics to wheat-based ingredients.

When you have some expertise in preparing gluten-free food, you can often use your knowledge to create other 'free from' foods. If this is the route you want to follow, then the following ingredient may be of interest to those who, for example, need to avoid eggs:

  • Orgran No-Egg Egg Replacer: Orgran No-Egg Egg Replacer contains no cholesterol, no lactose and no egg! It can be used in cakes and meringues or to make egg-free mayonnaise. It is also great as a pantry filler, as each packet has the equivalent of 66 eggs. You’ll never run out of eggs again!

Gluten-free pasta for catering

In addition to the large range of gluten-free flours we supply, we can also provide all you might need in terms of pasta. Included in our gluten-free pasta ranges are OrgranDoves Farm and Rizopia.

Gluten-free mincemeat

For the cake and pie producer, it is often difficult to find gluten-free mincemeat in a large enough pack. Naturally Good Food have available a 10kg box of gluten-free mincemeat, which should just fit the bill.

Gluten-free suet in catering sizes

For the small bakery, or perhaps a pub that wants to offer a gluten-free or vegetarian luxury for their customer, we have a gluten-free vegetarian suet. The suet is produced in the UK to the highest quality standards, and for catering use is available in bulk sizes.

Gluten-free suet is a great ingredient for light dumplings, steamed puddings and mincemeat - and will make your Christmas puddings a real winner. It's something for the generation that enjoys puddings and traditional cooking (and these are the customers that tell their friends and return time after time)! Combine the suet with gluten-free flour, and you have a great niche product that people will travel for.

Gluten-free suet is a white (or pale cream) cylindrical shred of solid vegetable fats, dusted with rice flour. 


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Brown Rice Flour Fine - 16kg

Brown Rice Flour Fine - 16kg

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