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 For all the taste, texture and good nutrition that comes with the whole of the grain, take a look at our wholegrain flours. Here, you'll find wholemeal flour, mainly organic, for breadmaking, pastry and cakes. Catering sizes and gluten-free options are available too. 


Flour is obtained from grains (or pseudograins). In 'white' or 'refined' grains, when they are milled, the gran and the germ of each kernel are separated and removed. This has both good and bad results: the milled grains are more stable, but they lack the vital nutrients and nutty flavour that distinguish wholegrains from their refined cousins.

If you are new to wholegrains, the taste and texture can take some getting used to. There's a bit more of a 'chew' - but that comes with more flavour, and of course, more nutrients.

Our range of wholegrain flours may take a little adjusting to. Perhaps the best way to overcome any initial teething problems is to mix 25% wholegrain flour with 75% refined, and alter the ratio over time.

A number of wholegrains (especially quinoa) are considered 'complete proteins' (containing all eight essential amino acids: once thought only to come from animal proteins or from a combination of plant-based foods). These wholegrains are therefore ideal to incorporate into your diet.

Wholegrain flours typically swell and keep you feeling fuller for longer – think how long a bowl of wholemeal porridge keeps you feeling full!

Many wholegrains (thanks to their bran and germ) are loaded with B vitamins, magnesium and other important nutrients. Wholegrain flours also add roughage to your diet.


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Brown Rice Flour - 25kg

Brown Rice Flour - 25kg

Naturally Good Food


Item price: £107.13 £96.42 10%

Brown Rice Flour - While stocks last - 20kg

Item price: £105.26 £94.73 10%

Spelt Flour Wholemeal  UK - larger sack - 25kg

Item price: £69.95

Wholemeal Fine Plain Flour - 25kg

Item price: £32.25

Wholemeal Flour Strong - 25kg

Wholemeal Flour Strong - 25kg

Doves Farm


Item price: £31.15

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