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Within this section you can find a wide choice of naturally gluten free flakes. Wherever you see the green 'gluten free' underneath the details then you know it has been tested and found to have less than 20 parts per million. Not all of the brands are tested for gluten levels though and some of the the bigger packs are packed in an area where gluten containing products are handled. 
if you need any more information at all do not hesitate to call or email us to check the details for you.


Case discount

As with all the products we sell, we offer a standard 10% case discount on all branded small bags of flakes. For even more added value for money, you could try a bulk purchase of a 5kg or even 20kg sack of most flakes.


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Quinoa Porridge - 230g

Quinoa Porridge - 230g


gluten free dairy free

Item price: £3.15

7 for £19.81 £2.83 ea

Quinoa Porridge Berry Brekki Sachets - Berry No added sugar - 7x30g

Item price: £5.49

4 for £19.76 £4.94 ea

Quinoa Porridge Brekki Sachets - Apple and cinnamon - 7x30g

Item price: £5.49

4 for £19.76 £4.94 ea

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