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Mango Sundried - 100g

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Mango Sundried - 100g
Brand: Tropical Wholefoods

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Sundried mango

Delicious, Fairtrade and organic, this generous snack-size bag is full of tangy strips of mango. They're the perfect addition to healthy lunchboxes and great food for taking walking or camping.

Different varieties of mango are available over the course of the year, so there is some variation in the mangoes used. The Brooks mangoes are paler in colour, sweet and soft, whereas the Amelie variety are brighter, chewier and more tangy. See if you can spot the seasonal flavour difference!

We stock a number of varieties of mango, including the broader, larger, mango cheeks. To see them all, or to choose a different pack size, click here. To find out more about the different varieties, read our blog on Mango varieties here.

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Organic mango

Dietary Attributes

Typical Values Per 100g 
Energy (Kj)1372
Energy (kcal)328
Protein (g)2.2
Carbohydrate (g)77.0
of which sugars (g)47.9
Fat (g)1.2
of which saturates (g)0.2
Fibre (g)5.4

Additional Information

Nothing has been added to these mangoes: they've simply been washed, peeled and sliced, then dried on racks.

organic fair trade

Item price: £2.75

14 for £34.72 £2.48 ea

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