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Banana Chips - sweetened - 6.8kg

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Banana Chips - sweetened - 6.8kg
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These bulk Organic Banana chips are sweetened with sugar and are very crunchy and crisp coin shaped slices of banana.

Ingredients -

Bananas*(55%), Vegetable oil*, sugar* *Organically grown and processed

Dietary Attributes -

NUTRITION INFORMATION: (Typical values per 100g)

ENERGY 2130kJ/510kcal PROTEIN 2.1g CARBOHYDRATE 56g Of which sugars 14g FAT 31g of which saturates 15g FIBRE 4.4g SODIUM 0.01g

More -

Banana plants are rhizomes, each year a new plant crops up along the root stem of the plant. Did you know the banana plant itself is a herb and the fruit is officially classified as a berry!


Item price: £28.45

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