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Sultanas - 375g

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Sultanas - 375g
Brand: Crazy Jack


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Our delicious sultanas have a mellow, rounded flavour, not too sweet and very tasty. Crazy Jack Organic Sultanas come from the fertile plains around Izmir in Turkey and one of our earliest organic projects, started in the 1980's. From small beginnings we now obtain our sultanas from an every increasing acreage. You see, buying organic does make a difference.

Ingredients -

Sultanas*(99p), Sunflower Oil* *From organic agriculture

Dietary Attributes -

(Typical values per 100g) ENERGY 1237kJ/291kcal PROTEIN 2.7g CARBOHYDRATE 69g Of which sugars 69g FAT 0.5g of which saturates Less than 0.1g FIBRE 2.0g SODIUM 0.02g

Suggested Use

Carrots love sultanas. Grate a carrot in a bowl, and chuck in some sultanas and pine nuts or add a few sultanas to your carrot cake recipe for extra flavour, moisture and texture.

Additional Information

Like to know more? Sultanas and Raisins come from the same white grapes, although sultanas are dried faster than raisins, mainly on drying racks in the shade - this ensures that they retain a golden colour and a sweet, mellow flavour. Our agronomist in Turkey graduated at the local college in Izmir and was literally laughed at to his face when he volunteered that he wanted to produce sultanas in Turkey organically, without the heavy use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. Our organic sultanas come from one of our first projects and we have managed to improve the quality of our fruit each year with both innovative growing techniques and improved cleaning and processing in the best factory in Turkey. We have worked with the growers and the factory for many years now and are very proud of the result. To ripen our fruit, our farmers employ the effective technique of pruning the vines to allow light to fall on the fruit and help increase the sugars in the berries. A smaller berry count and increased sunshine improves the size, flavour and sweetness of the fruit. No artificial growth hormones are permitted - conventional growers can use growth hormones to increase the berry size - this "engorges" the fruit making them bigger, but does nothing for flavour. Despite assurances from the suppliers about the use of such hormones, we are worried about the residual affect such growth stimulating hormones can have in the immediate environment and in rivers and run off. Organic farming avoids this issue by not allowing such practice, instead we rely on good husbandry to improve the quality of the yield. To control pest insects in the vineyards, we fool the pests by hanging pheromone traps in the vineyard. These traps contain the scent of the female pest species and the males gather in the traps where they are caught. Because they don't breed, this helps control the levels of infestation. We also rely on a more diverse bird and insect population to help control pest species - by not applying non-specific pesticides that kill all insects (good and bad), we achieve a balance of insects and birds that control each other, ensuring no one species gets out of control. All sultanas (including organic ones), are dipped in a solution of potash that splits the skin of the fruit and helps it dry quickly to retain a golden colour. This is why all sultanas are sticky and have to be dressed in a light coating of organic vegetable oil (just 1%, and normally sunflower oil) to stop them clumping together. Potash is essentially Potassium Carbonate - K2C O3 which is a by product of wood ash. It comes from one or two other sources as well and is known as a desiccant (it dries things out). It is added to water and once the sultanas have been briefly dipped, is washed off once the sultanas have dried. The potash solution itself is then spread on the fields as a fertiliser. Use of potash is one of the very few additives and food processing agents approved by the Soil Association.


Item price: £2.59

6 for £13.98 £2.33 ea

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