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Barberries - Iranian dried - 125g

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Barberries - Iranian dried - 125g
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Dried Barberries

These small red berries are sweet yet sharp in taste, in a similar way to cranberries, but smaller. Traditionally used in Persian and Iranian cuisine, in tagines and curries, they are best soaked for 10 minutes before use. Also known as Berberis, or Zereshk, they can be added to rice during cooking for a very pretty jewelled effect as in Zereshk Polow, and are frequently used along with saffron ( which grows in the same region)

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Barberry Fruit Dried

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The Barberry fruit is very high in pectin so are useful to add to jams and jellies.

Item price: £2.75

12 for £29.64 £2.47 ea

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