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Banana Chips Sundried Chewy - 150g

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Banana Chips Sundried Chewy - 150g
Brand: Tropical Wholefoods


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Chewy Banana chips are made from the small sweet bananas: Ndizi or Ladies Fingers Bananas. They are finely sliced and dried in solar driers and are 100% sugar and sulphur free. They have a great full banana flavour and a lovely chewy texture.

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Dietary Attributes -

Per 100g: Energy 1409kJ/332kcal, Protein 3.4g, Carbohydrate 78.3g (of which sugars 58.6g), Fat 0.05g, Dietary Fibre 3.1g, Sodium 0.06g. Less than 5% fat

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Item price: £1.79

14 for £22.54 £1.61 ea

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