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Dairy-free chocolate

For most people, dairy and chocolate go together - especially if you're young! But dairy-free chocolate can equally be a treat, and at Naturally Good Food we like to offer the odd treat.

We have tried to source the best brands for you to choose from. In addition to dairy-free chocolate, we have a wide selection of dairy-free milks, including soya shakes in small boxes.


Dairy-free chocolate brands from Naturally Good Food


  • Booja Booja
  • Infinity
  • Montezuma
  • Moo Free
  • Organica
  • Plamil

Style of chocolate

The dairy-free chocolate we stock at Naturally Good Food straddles the whole spectrum of tastes, including:

  • Light sweet chocolate - best associated with the traditional milk chocolate of our youth.
  • Sophisticated dark adult chocolate. This is chocolate with either no (non-dairy) milk or very little, and is the type of chocolate recommended by the medical profession.

Catering-sized dairy chocolate

Green and Blacks

What - no Green and Blacks chocolate?!

Green and Blacks do some wonderful milk-free dark chocolate, but you won't find it in our dairy-free chocolate category, as the company is unable to guarantee that there has been no cross-contamination with their milk chocolate.

If you want Green and Blacks, we stock many of their bars here.


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Milk Chocolate The Dark Side - 100g

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12 for £28.68 £2.39 ea

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