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Quinoa Crispbreads - 125g

Crispbreads - Savouries

Quinoa Crispbreads - 125g
Brand: Le Pain Des Fleurs

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Code: 053.2004
Barcode: 3380380062025
A range of gluten-free organic crispbreads made without eggs, fat, flavourings, dairy products or yeast. Fine and lightly toasted, they have an unrivalled crunchy texture.

Ingredients -

Half Whole Rice Flour, Quinoa Flour, Whole Cane Sugar, Salt.

Dietary Attributes -

Energy 1649 Protein 9.6 Carbohydrate 74.5 Sugars 1.5 Fat 5.6 Saturated 0.8 Fibre 3.9 Sodium 0.42

More -

Quinoa: rich in quinoa (40%), choice of semi-brown rice, a source of fibre and iron.

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organic gluten free dairy free

Item price: £3.78

6 for £20.40 £3.40 ea

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