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Sugar: a not-so-basic ingredient to buy in bulk

It is easy to consider sugar as just a simple ingredient, but that doesn't really take account of the many differences between types of sugar, and the purpose for which you are using each kind. Sugar is not just sweetness, but has many other facets.

  • Fairtrade sugar: if your sugar is Fairtrade, then it will help raise the standard of living of farmers in developing countries.
  • Sugar for the coffee buff: for some coffee addicts, there is only one sugar, and that is rapadura. This Brazilian sugar brings out the flavour of the coffee, and is also great to play with in the sugar bowl - just the right consistency!

At Naturally Good Food we are pleased to offer a good selection of sugar in bulk, so you can make the perfect choice. With our bulk sugar offers, really good sugar is not expensive. We would like you to get just the right sugar for the job, be that a bit of home baking or for a coffee shop. One of the great things about sugar is that it is an ideal ingredient to buy in bulk, as it lasts for ages.

Business users

Buying organic sugar in bulk in a 25kg sack is perfect for the small-scale business user, for lots of reasons:

  • Price: you buy at the best possible price - the 25kg sack is our best price for sugar.
  • Not too much: a 25kg sack of sugar is relatively easy to move around (although you do need a bit of muscle and somewhere to store it).
  • No need to order every week: a 25kg sack of organic sugar can last a good length of time, depending on what you are doing with it.
  • We have all sorts of customers for our range of sugars, from the very best in British wine producers, to some extremely select coffee shops. We also find that our sugar goes down well with the small cupcake bakers, who also buy our organic vanilla extract in a 1 litre bottle.

Not all brown sugar is the same

You might think that all brown sugar is the same, but when you dig a little deeper, some interesting revelations come to light. Not all brown sugars are equal: many are only brown on the outside, and underneath are really refined white sugar, which has been coated to add colour and some flavour.

At Naturally Good Food we like to stock the best, so for our brown sugar range, we turn to Billington's. Billington’s sugars are unrefined, so are very simply produced, with the aim of locking in, rather than refining out, the natural molasses of the sugar cane. It is this difference that gives unrefined sugar its superior flavour and natural colour.

We also like to stock Billington's as they were a pioneer of organic sugar in the UK, giving them unrivalled expertise and knowledge in this area.


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