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Bulk rice by mail order: lots of varieties, to suit all tastes and pockets

Welcome to our bulk rice section. Here you will find our most popular sacks of rice: if we are missing your favourite, let us know and we may be able to source it for you.

Buying rice by the sack, no matter what the type, is a good way to shop: rice keeps well, does not tend to get damaged in transit, and is a good staple food. Having a sack of your favourite rice in stock offers many advantages. 


Why buy your rice in bulk?

As with any bulk purchase, buying rice in bulk gives you the following benefits:


  • Saves money: buy a 25kg sack of organic rice and you will make substantial savings compared with buying several 250g bags.
  • Protects the environment: there is significantly less packaging involved in producing a 25kg sack.
  • Increases convenience: having a whole sack of rice means that you are unlikely to run out.
  • Supports Fairtrade and organic production: if you want to buy Fairtrade and organic produce, then purchasing a large 25kg sack of this type of rice can work out cheaper than buying conventionally grown rice sold in smaller bags - meaning that you can buy more!

All in all, there is a strong justification for buying your rice in 25kg sacks, especially if you combine this order with other ingredients to get free delivery.


Which bulk rice to choose?


Which rice you choose to buy in bulk is ultimately a matter of personal choice. We have listed the ones we sell most of in this section, but if the rice you want is not listed, let us know, and we may be able to get it in a 25kg sack. The main rices we offer are:

  • Organic brown basmati: this rice is grown on the foothills of the Himalayas, in the Terai region, which borders Nepal and India. Silt and nutrients in the waters of the upper Ganges river help maintain the natural fertility of the soil.
  • Organic white basmati: the rice-growing area from which we source this product is particularly special: it is located in a valley that floods once a year with the snow melt. This means that the growers only get one crop a year from their fields, but each year the fields are fertilised anew by the melt waters. The result is spectacular rice, very white and firm, with a fantastic fragrance.
  • Organic long-grain brown rice: long-grain brown rice is a staple for much of the world’s population. It is a source of fibre and naturally low in sodium and fat. Brown rice possesses a slightly chewy texture and nut-like flavour.
  • Organic short-grain brown rice: short-grain brown rice is a superb variety of rice, often enjoyed with Japanese food. Savoury tamari and miso flavours readily complement this nutty-flavoured rice.
  • Wild rice: wild black rice is an uncultivated seed variety of rice, with a very intense flavour.

If you cannot see the variety of rice you want in the bulk section, please ask and we will try to source it for you. We are always pleased to hear from customers, as the products we list are driven by what our customers want, especially in the area of bulk food purchases.

Although the ultimate choice is with the purchaser, for personal preference, I would go for the brown basmati: it has great flavour, cooks easily, is versatile and combines well in most dishes. There is an argument that white rice lasts longer than brown, but if, like us, you eat a fair amount of rice, brown rice simply does not have the chance to go stale, as we don't take the next bulk sack of rice home until the previous one is getting towards the end.

Storing your bulk rice

Buying in your rice in bulk reduces packaging, making it the environmentally friendly choice. Rice, like most grains, has a long shelf-life, but it can still go stale in the end, and may be prone to insect infestation if not properly stored. Below are some steps you might want to take, to keep the rice you have purchased from us in the best condition:


  • Make sure your rice is fresh to begin with - you will be off to a good start if you buy your bulk rice from Naturally Good Food.
  • Quickly look the rice over. If there seems to be a problem with it, let us know straightaway (we don't seem to have any problems generally).
  • For short-term storage in the kitchen, choose a glass jar with a tight seal to store your grains.
  • For larger quantities, make sure you use a good air-tight container - you can check the seal by placing the container under water to see if any bubbles escape around the lid.
  • Bulk grains and rice are best stored in a cool, dark place, such as a pantry or cabinet. Direct sunlight and high temperatures can cause them to go stale and lose their flavour and nutritional content. Most grains are best used within a few months of purchase. You can extend this by a few more months by keeping grains in the freezer. It is not recommended to store bulk grains for more than a year.

As you have purchased good quality rice, you need to make the most of it, so don't forget to store it correctly. 


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