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Other bulk items

Most of our bulk lines have their own individual category. However, when we first set the categories up, there was a small remainder that did not fit into our existing categories. This is therefore a catch-all category, containing all the lines that did not fall logically into any of the existing sections.

Don't forget - if you can't find an item, just ask: we are happy to help.


Artisan producers, pubs and coffee houses (and even vineyards)

For food producers who work on a small scale, it can sometimes be difficult to:

  • Find a supplier for a vital ingredient, especially one that is considered slightly unusual - and where it is the unusual that makes the difference.
  • Find an ingredient that you use reasonably regularly, at a reasonable price: the ingredient may be in the supermarket, but there you are paying the full retail price. What you need is a trade supplier of niche foods that can be delivered to your door.
  • Easily obtain a variety of good-quality foods with which to experiment. If, for example, you are developing a new recipe, you will need a delivery of all the new ingredients you require, but may not have time to source a whole new set of items. Really, you would like a single delivery of all the new ingredients, so that you do not have to source from six or seven new suppliers and set up trade accounts with all of them (with all the associated paperwork!).


For small-scale producers, Naturally Good Food offers a solution to all of these difficulties.

For medium-scale food producers, and indeed, larger-scale producers looking for one-off ingredients or the ability to source new ingredients for product development, Naturally Good Food can provide a great cost-effective service and one-stop shop for new (and, for some, rather novel) food ingredients.

We even supply sugar in bulk to some of the most prestigious organic vineyards in the UK: it is good to think that not only can you eat 'Naturally Good Food' - you can also drink it!

We have helped enough companies over the years with their food supply problems to have some small expertise in the area; so even if you cannot find the product on our website, do not despair - try an email to us, or better still, ring  02476 541990 - we like to talk!

Lines supplied

Bulk food lines supplied


The range of lines we stock are set out in various categories at the foot of this page. As you can see, our range is extensive and varied. However, not everything we supply is listed, as products come and go. So if you have a need for a particular food ingredient, whether organic, non-organic, gluten-free or conventional, and can't see it on our site, let us know, either by email or by telephone, on 02476 541990.


Buying bulk environmental products


Bulk buying, or buying in larger quantities, makes good sense, not only for the business user, but also for the private customer. Among the environmental reasons for buying in bulk are:

  • a significant reduction in packaging: one 10kg bag of apricots may use less than 5% of the packaging as the same amount in 250g bags.
  • reductions in the environmental effects of delivery: it takes no more fuel to deliver a 30kg box than it does to deliver a 1kg box, so buying in bulk can save multiple deliveries and all the consequential environmental impacts.
  • if you buy in bulk, and then cook in bulk, you can save significantly on your fuel bills. If you pop a few meals in the freezer, you can have a meal ready when you need it.
  • buying shampoo and other household products in bulk will reduce your use of plastic bottles significantly, especially if you keep back an old bottle and refill it. 


All the environmental benefits can also benefit your pocket - what is good for the environment can be good for the wallet!

Buying groups

Supplying buying groups


Many years ago we started as a wholefood buying group, using a kitchen table and a set of scales. We've experienced all the pitfalls and fun: someone does not turn up, tins get dented - and everything inbetween. In our group, everyone chose what they wanted from a list, and we collated the orders and sent them off.


A solution to some Buying Group problems

We started as the simplest of buying groups, clubbing together with a group of friends and neighbours to buy food from the same supplier. However, we soon learned that there were some fundamental problems with this approach:

  • no one supplier had the complete range all the group wanted.
  • we could only buy in cases, so if the combined group did not want a case, then ordering was impossible, as the supplier only supplied in cases.
  • the order collation took ages, and getting everyone's money often proved to be a problem - the greenest of people also seemed to be some of the most disorganised!
  • buying groups seem to need to remain small to be manageable.


At Naturally Good Food we can help overcome some of the problems of running a buying group; we source from most major wholefood wholesalers, so our range is enormous. As we supply lots of retail wholefood customers, we can supply single tins or packets easily. Provided we know in advance, we could set up a buying group for you, in which different people order and the goods are shipped to one location - we are happy to discuss how this could work for your group.

Cooking for institutions

Cooking for institutions


Catering for larger numbers can raise the problem of how to cater for the 10 or 15 people with food intolerances, when you simply want to feed them the same as everyone else, making things easier to administer and preventing friction over perceived 'special treatment'.


At Naturally Good Food we offer a solution for the caterer who needs to provide for those with food intolerances, allowing you to combine your bulk purchase of your main ingredients with just a few lines for those with food intolerances.


The ability to have complete flexibility in how you order, and over the quantities, is a valuable ingredient for those catering for a variety of people.

Soil Assoc

Soil Association Catering Mark 

At Naturally Good Food we are delighted to hold the Soil Association Catering Mark, and fully support the scheme. We want to promote healthy eating throughout the country, in as many places as possible.

Soil Association Catering Mark

Naturally Good Food's CMASS licence number is: CM06641


Eating out

Food for Life Catering Mark

When you visit most restaurants, schools and hospitals, it can be difficult to find out where the food on offer has come from, how it was made and what ingredients it contains.

The Food for Life Catering Mark can help you to find good food. The award is the Soil Association's unique award; it guarantees that what’s on the menu is freshly prepared, free from undesirable additives and better for animal welfare.


Bulk buying news from Naturally Good Food


Some news on bulk purchase lines from Naturally Good Food.

Love Money

Love Money recommends Naturally Good Food

'Genuine savings to be made with bulk buying. For those that are after natural foods, Naturally Good Food has a wholefoods bulk buying section for lentils and pulses, as well as nuts and dried fruit.'


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Cocoa Powder10-12 per cent fat - 1kg

Cocoa Powder10-12 per cent fat - 1kg


organic dairy free

Item price: £17.85

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