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Intro to Gluten Free Breakfast Cereals

Gluten-free breakfast cereals

Having a good breakfast is a vital part of getting the day off to a good start. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, this can cause a few problems, especially if you also have other allergies. At Naturally Good Food, we stock a great range of gluten-free cereals. Among the ranges we stock are:

  • Big Oz : Big Oz selects first-class grains that have been organically grown, then puffs and packs these, with health in mind. The aim is to ensure that you have premium-quality breakfast cereals on your table, containing only the pure whole grains. For those on a gluten-free diet, Big Oz offers a gluten-free puffed blend, a gluten-free porridge, puffed buckwheat, puffed corn and puffed millet.
  • Biona: the Biona amaranth fruit muesli offers the high protein of amaranth with fruit, for a good gluten-free breakfast.
  • Doves Farm: in the Doves Farm range we have the ever popular Chocolate Stars for the young at heart, and a traditional Corn Flake, all gluten-free and produced to Soil Association organic standards.
  • Kallo: from Kallo we have two puffed rice cereals, one natural and the other with honey.
  • Natures Path: famous for their gluten-free breakfast cereals! We stock the full range available in the UK, including Crispy Rice, Gorilla Munch, Koala Crisp and Mesa Sunrise.
  • Urtekram: as Denmark’s largest supplier of organic processed food and bodycare products, Urtekram can justly be called the organic heart of Denmark. For a gluten-free breakfast of the highest organic standard, Urtekram Corn flakes are a good option.
  • Whole Earth: in the Whole Earth gluten-free breakfast cereal range we stock both the Maple frosted flakes and the Corn flakes. Both are gluten-free and produced to Soil Association organic standards.
  • Orgran: in the Orgran range there are some cereals designed especially for children, so that your kids can have a 'normal' breakfast!


In addition to breakfast cereals, you might want to consider gluten-free flakes and muesli as an option. In terms of gluten-free muesli, we stock Orgran Light and Crunchy with Fruit and Almonds, as well as gluten-free varieties from Infinity, Queenswood and Alara. If you like porridge for breakfast, then the Barkat gluten-free porridge is for you.

For those who are avoiding milk, Soja Soy milk makes a really tasty alternative.

Bread has been a favourite part of many people's breakfast for a long time, but what do you do if you are on a gluten-free diet? Well, you could make your own bread: the Organ Easy Bake Bread Mix and the Alternative Grain Wholemeal Bread Mix are easy options. 


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Real Porridge Oats - Gluten free Nairns - 450g

Item price: £3.22

5 for £14.50 £2.90 ea

Rice Puffs - 225g

Rice Puffs - 225g

Rude Health

gluten free

Item price: £2.45

4 for £8.84 £2.21 ea

Rice Quinoa Crunchy   GF - Case of 6 packs - 120gx 6

Rice Quinoa Crunchy GF - Case of 6 packs - 120gx 6


organic gluten free dairy free

Item price: £15.66

Sale - Crunch O s - BB 26.02.19 - 325g

Sale - Crunch O s - BB 26.02.19 - 325g

Natures Path

organic gluten free dairy free

Item price: £3.86

Sale - Multigrain Os - with Quinoa - BB 11.11.19 - 300g

Item price: £3.75 £3.19 15%

Sale - Munch - was Gorilla Munch - BB 15.10.19 - 284g

Item price: £3.89 £2.92 25%

Sprouted Porridge Oats - gluten-free - 500g

Sprouted Porridge Oats - gluten-free - 500g

Rude Health

organic gluten free

Item price: £6.46

5 for £29.05 £5.81 ea

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