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Puffed Corn Plain - 175g

Breakfast Cereals Gluten Free - Breakfast

Puffed Corn Plain - 175g
Brand: Big Oz

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The aim of Big Oz is to ensure that you have premium quality breakfast cereals on your table containing only the pure whole grains.

*nothing added

*nothing taken away

The whole range of pure wholegrain cereals are 100% natural with nothing added, and free from added sugars, salt, fats, artificial colours and artificial flavours. That means, the cereals are suitable for people who not only seek a high quality and nutritious product, but also those who have special dietary needs.

Ingredients -

Puffed organic corn (maize).

Dietary Attributes -

Corn Puffs 1 serve = 14g 100g 14g Kj Energy 1641 230 Protein - g 8.0 1.12 Fat - g 4.9 0.69 Cabohydrate Total - g 78.2 10.9 Sugars - g 0.9 0.13 Dietary Fibre - g 1.6 0.23 Sodium - mg 1.9 0.27 Potassium -mg 338 47.3

More -

Corn Puffs - low in fat, free from gluten, malt and barley no added salt,, sugar or artificial sweeteners, no added colour or flavour.

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Item price: £3.15

5 for £14.20 £2.84 ea

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