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Oat Puffs - 175g

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Oat Puffs - 175g
Brand: Rude Health

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Puffed Oats Light & toasty wholegrain oats Rude Health select the finest oats, grown sustainably on small farms. They take the oats and tenderly load them into a giant popping machine. One minute they're flat little grains, the next minute they're plump pillows of breakfast wonder. that's it. No additive sheanigans. No jiggery pokery. You get a light, oaty start to the day, a double shot of soluble fibre and take a big step towards lowering your cholesterol. We get to hang out in some really nice countryside. Everybody wins.

Ingredients -

Wholegrain oats (100%) No Added Salt No Added Sugar Wholegrain High in Fibre Lowers Cholesterol Allergens: Recipe: No nuts Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free Factory: Before making this cereal, the equipment was used to make foods containing nuts

Dietary Attributes -

Nutrition: per serving* per 100g Energy 122 kcal 363 kcal 520kJ 1533 kJ Protein 6.6g 12.1g Carbohydrates 16.9g 62.2g of which sugars 6.6g 3.4g Fat 3.5g 7.3g of which saturates 1.6g 1.5g Soluble fibre 0.95g 5.4g Insoluble fibre 0.35g 2.0g Sodium trace <0.01g *17.5g Puffed Oats with 125ml semi skimmed milk

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Item price: £2.62

8 for £18.88 £2.36 ea

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