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Bread Mix Wholemeal - Alternative Grain - 450g

Bread Gluten Free - Bread

Bread Mix Wholemeal - Alternative Grain - 450g
Brand: Orgran

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Brown Bread Mix

This easy to make bread mix is similar to the white version but has added psyilium and sorghum flour to increase the fibre content and texture. It just needs water and oil to make a well risen loaf that slices well, is good toasted, and can be frozen if needed. The pack also has additional instructions for making it with an egg and milk powder for a different texture and taste.

Many people get great results with a breadmaker, but there is a lot of variation between makes and models. For guidelines for making this Orgran bread mix in a bread maker have a look here: Orgran Bread Mix Breadmaker instructions

 case savings  Tummy Friendly Orgran

Products displaying the ORGRAN Tummy Friendly logo are not just gluten and fructose free, but also made without onion, garlic and pea flour. These ingredients have all been identified as ingredients to limit or avoid as part of the Low FODMAPs diet.


Maize Starch, Sorghum Stone Milled (20%), Rice Flour, Raising Agents: Glucono Delta Lactone, Sodium Bicarbonate, Dextrose from Maize, Psyllium (2%), Emulsifier: Monodiglyceride from Vegetable. Vegetable Gums: Carboxymethylcellulose, Guar Gum, Methylcellulose. Natural Caramel Colour, Sea Salt.

Dietary Attributes

Typical Values Per 100g 
Energy (Kj)1387
Energy (kcal)331
Protein (g)4
Carbohydrate (g)70.4
of which sugars (g)3.3
Fat (g)1.8
of which saturates (g)1.2
Fibre (g)5.9
Sodium (g)0.953

Suggested Use

The pack has instructions for making in a conventional oven. It can also be made in a breadmaker but there is quite a bit of variation between brands of machines so you may need to experiment to get the best results.

Gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, soy and Yeast Free. Kosher.Vegan.

gluten free dairy free

Item price: £3.61 £2.89 20%

7 for £18.20 £2.60 ea

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