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Apple and Apricot Fruit Puree - 200g

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Apple and Apricot Fruit Puree - 200g
Brand: Clearspring

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Code: 001.5013
Barcode: 5021554981558
These long-life, ambient-stored full flavour fruit puree pots are made from specially selected ripe organic fruit. They are prepared with the minimum of heating to retain the natural goodness of the fruits. One pot is equivalent to your 5 a day!

The packaging is made from lightweight and recyclable materials. Single flavours are available which are ideal for weaning. Most of the fruits are sourced locally in Italy.

There are several flavours to choose from and each is made without added concentrated, sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial colourings or flavourings.


Apple (75%), apricot (25%) *Organically grown


Item price: £1.49

12 for £16.08 £1.34 ea

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